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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Bournemouth, Poole, and Wimborne.





I have known Dr Alan Tinnion for nearly four years.  He has Exceptionally High Standards of Care, and gives a good deal of time to help the sick and those who wish to prevent the development of illness. 

He provides this assistance through the renowned ancient Chinese healing system of Acupuncture (and also through the related system of Qi, specifically Medical Tai Chi, used for remedial and preventive purposes where appropriate, depending on the case/patient). 

Dr Tinnion has many years teaching and practice experience, including providing Acupuncture and related treatments at a renowned teaching hospital in China.  We in Dorset are indeed very fortunate to have somebody of Alan’s experience and calibre, providing such expertise at the surgeries of my Practice (East Dorset/Ferndown).  In particular, many of the patients who are not able to receive any further assistance in dealing with their varied medical conditions from Western Medicine have greatly benefited from the treatments Dr Tinnion has provided.

Dr Barcellos  MB CH B, MRCGP, MBA, Lic Ac 



Professional Standards